Safe & Proper

AGV strongly believes that there is no shortcut to safety when it comes to windscreen glass replacement.

That is why we have partnered up with Sika, a premier global supplier of adhesive systems, to ensure that the materials and chemicals that we provide are of the highest quality and OEM approved grade.

At AGV, we always ensure that we
  • use OEM Approved Windscreen Adhesive System
  • use Correct Treatment Chemicals
  • use Correct Replacement Methods & Techniques
  • allow Proper Curing Time of Adhesives
so to ensure that your new windscreen glass is properly bonded to your vehicle and that your safety will not be compromised after a windscreen replacement service by Team AGV.

At AGV, we are committed to provide you with the safest windscreen replacement possible.

No Shortcut to Safety (Courtesy of Sika Singapore)