Front Windscreen Glass

Your front windscreen glass is a piece of laminated safety glass that is made using 2 pieces of glass with an inner layer of PVB, therefore the will only crack and not shatter or break apart.

For minor cracks or chips on the surface of your windscreen glass, a repair can be carried out to save your windscreen glass and may not require a replacement.

For severe damages like the photo above, the broken glasses will 'stick' onto the inner layer of PVB preventing big glass parts from dislodging. This safety feature will greatly reduce the possibility of serious or fatal injuries by huge broken sharp glass also no matter how great the damage windscreen glass is, it will not shatter or break apart.

Do not stress, panic or worry when your windscreen glass crack while driving. Even if the crack starts to grow longer or spread, continue your concentration on the road and drive safely to your destination. We would like to assure you that the damaged front windscreen glass is strong enough to last for awhile.

Contact us to get your damage windscreen rectified as soon as possible only after you have arrived safely at your destination.