Windscreen Repair

Years ago, a crack or chip on the windscreen glass would usually results in a replacement of windscreen but at AGV, our first course of action would be to identify and determine if the crack or chip on your windscreen is repairable.

Windscreen Repair is a technology whereby a special liquid resin is injected into the breaks of the glass to improves the optical clarity and strength when cured. Think of it as a first aid to prevent the crack from getting worse. As every crack is unique, the after repair for some may look prefect while others may still appear slightly visible. In either cases, a properly done up repair will last as long as you own the vehicle and prevents the crack from spreading.

Modern day technology has made the repair of small crack or chip on windscreen possible so why not make use of this technology to help you save time, cost and hassle. That is why we always advise our customers to repair first instead of replacing when the minor break in the front windscreen glass is repairable. For the more severe cracks, a new windscreen glass replacement will be still required

Common Repairable Cracks

Key Advantages of Windscreen Repair
  • Convenience: The repair process takes only about 20 minutes to complete
  • With Insurance: Free of Charge (F.O.C) - Paid by your insurance company and does not affect your No Claim Discount (NCD)
  • Without Insurance: Cost only a fraction compared to a windscreen replacement

Certified Windscreen Repair Technician

Being a certified windscreen repair technician, we carry out our repair in accordance to The Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS™) to ensure that the repaired crack by Team AGV will not cause any distraction while you drive.

If you like to find out more about windscreen repair, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.